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Three Keys to Eating Healthy

Eating healthy can get way too complicated. We can get caught up in fad diets and trends, unrealistic goals, and lots of pills and potions. I believe in keeping it simple sister! Today let’s try to get back to a few basics. I want to share three simple keys to fueling your body in the best way possible to feel and look your best!

Pack each meal with nutrient dense foods. In other words, make sure you are incorporating foods that are full of calories that are going to fuel your body to have the energy it needs. Be sure to get leafy green or brightly colored veggies in each meal. I have found spinach to be super easy to incorporate into many meals. You can throw it in a smoothie, sauté it, or add it to an omelette. Go for God-made foods over processed foods. Think of your food as fuel and make each calorie count. We all know empty calories that are found in sweets, and many packaged snack foods do nothing to help our bodies function the way they should. They just weigh us down! Add in veggies and fruit in each meal to optimize your nutrition intake. Go for whole grains over enriched white breads and pastas. I promise you will notice a difference in your energy level and your overall health. Cutting out sugary foods and processed empty calories and replacing with healthier options will be a huge win for your health. Try new foods too! You might find some new healthy recipes that become some of your family’s favorites!

Get plenty of protein. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein with each meal. Protein helps build and repair muscle and helps keep you feeling full and satisfied. Go for lean sources of protein. Chicken, eggs, fish, lean beef and pork, and plant-based proteins like beans are great. Not getting enough protein can leave you feeling hungry. I usually drink a protein shake everyday as well to up my protein which is really helpful with all the workouts! Don‘t skimp on this building block for your body!

Stay hydrated! If you are around me very much at all, you will hear me reminding you to drink your water! Many people walk around dehydrated everyday and wonder why they don’t feel great! Being dehydrated affects everything about you! It can cause muscle soreness, joint pain, dizziness, digestive issues, headaches and an overall feeling of brain-fog. Drinking enough water helps hydrate every organ in your body, including your brain, helping your body function the way it should. Staying hydrated will help keep you stay feeling full and energized. Sometimes we think we are hungry when in reality our body is trying to tell us it needs water! Try to drink half your body weight in ounces every day , or at least drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces each day.. or 64 ounces per day.

These are three back-to-basics reminders to help us all stay on track with our healthy eating! Eat lots of colorful veggies and fruits, pack in the protein for great muscle health, and stay hydrated! It’s easy to grab convenient, but not so great, foods in our busy lifestyle. Let’s slow down a little, plan ahead and make great choices to get our body moving and feeling like it is supposed to!

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