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A Satisfied Soul

Everyone longs to feel satisfied. We all have a longing deep in our spirit to feel content and to have purpose. We all, maybe without even realizing it, search for this our whole lives. We seek it in material things, careers, friendships, and fleeting pleasures. We want to be significant. Nothing wrong with finding happiness in this life at all. God gave us so much beauty in this world to enjoy. But there’s still a longing that we all have. We all want to have a deep-rooted, long-lasting fulfillment that seems to be so fleeting. No matter where we search for it, it may last for a while, but it is never enough. I‘m here today to tell you that what we are all longing for is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, I love the story of the woman at the well. She had no doubt gone to draw water from it many times before. But on one particular day, she found the water that never runs out; that satisfies completely. She met Jesus. He knew she would be there for there are no accidents with Jesus. It was a divine appointment. When she met him, she was offered the thing she had been longing for. Jesus told her that if she drinks of his living water, she would never thirst again. He wasn’t talking about literal water. He was talking about her finally receiving the one thing that could quench her thirsty soul. He was talking about himself! Only Jesus can give us what we long for! Believing in him as your savior, and accepting his Lordship in your life is the door that opens to the life you are so thirsty for! Deep, true, lasting and full. An indescribable life of total abandonment in Him! At some point in your life, you had a choice to accept Him or not. It was an undeniable cross-roads in your path. Do you remember that time? Maybe you have drifted away from that once close, abiding relationship with Him. Maybe you never had that at all. Like the woman at the well, there are no accidents with Jesus. This is a divine appointment. Say yes! Go running back to Him or to Him for the first time! There is no life like it! For now and for eternity!

Psalm 107:9 says, “For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.” Anyone who delights in the Lord.. really craves time with Him; craves his word, will have a satisfied soul! Will we still have trouble? Yes. But there is a deep anchor of satisfaction that can only come in Jesus. Through it all, He is there! In this world, the things that we may try to fill that Jesus-shaped hole in our hearts with, are shallow and can be deceitful. They fail to supply our needs. But in Jesus, there is joy and fullness deeper and wider than I can describe. Today, just let go and run to Him! There is a peace and a joy in the letting go! Surrender your life to Him and I can guarantee it will be the adventure of not only this life, but the life to come!

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04 dic 2020

Yes, yes and yes! I am thirsty everyday until i reach for my Living Water! Thank you Lisa for this beautiful reminder of Who not what satisfies.

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