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Don’t Fear the Holidays

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Many people fear the abundance of food at the holidays. All the cookies, candies, rich foods and desserts can be a little scary to you if you’re trying to stay on track eating healthy or trying to lose weight. The solution isn’t deprivation... it’s being mindful about your eating. It’s about having a plan and truly enjoying those special meals without guilt. Here are a few tips to help! 1. Plan ahead to save your indulgences to just those special events. One meal or one dessert isn’t going to wreck your fitness goals, but when one meal turns into days or weeks, then it can! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; go with the 90/10 rule. During the holidays, eat the healthy way you always do 90% of the time. Allow yourself that special treat 10% of the time. This way, you’ll get through this time of year like a champ with your health goals!

2. Put all other things aside. When you are eating, really savor what you’re eating! Along with good conversation you may be having with those around you, really focus on and savor each bite! Many times, we’re thinking about the next bite and not enjoying the bite we are eating! Slow down and enjoy your food! This will also help with portion control.

3. Be selective. If you are at a dinner, choose to enjoy the things you really are looking forward to. You don’t have to have it all and you don’t have to have large portions. Take your time and you will see that by savoring each bite, you can enjoy a special treat without feeling miserable.

4. Live for this day and not the end goal. If you have a weight loss goal, the end goal can feel daunting. Try to focus on what good choices you can make this day and not that huge outcome. It’s good to keep your eyes on the prize, but spend more time focused on the process and your progress! If you miss those small victories along the way, you’ll get frustrated and want to give up! Slow and steady wins the race, even during the holidays!

5. Live in the moment! At holiday gatherings, it’s more than about food! It’s about getting together with people you love and care about! Lay down your fork throughout your the meal and really enjoy your guests or the people around you! Enjoy your food, but also enjoy the conversation! These moments are special and fleeting! Live in that moment!

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